An opportunity for wisdom teachers and healers to share their spiritual perspective with the StarVisions Community.  In 2015 we welcomed AnnMarie Da’Agostino and Page Bryant to share there insights with the community.  This year we are pleased to share wisdom from Rev. Dan Chesbro, teacher of the Order of Melchizedek and the Priesthood Class for Ordination into Interfaith Ministry.


The Changing Times We are In

by Rev. Dan Chesbro

My friend, Tom Sawyer, a profound Death Experiencer, told me years ago that we would be entering the times of extreme change that we are now seeing today. It comes with the ushering in with the Age of Aquarius harmony which is now here.  In an effort to correct the imbalances on the planet, we will witness places that are green become desert and places that are desert will turn green.  The oceans are going to rise 40 feet and people will have to move inland as the coastlines as we know them now slowly disappear.  The Marshall Islands are a modern day example of this loss of land mass as the polar ice caps melt.  Many peoples from the Marshall Islands are now living in Arkansas!  The San Andreus Fault is locked and loaded.  There is a volcano under Yellowstone National Park that could bring massive destruction.  There have been a series of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes around the Pacific Ring of Fire.  The New Age will be ushered in with a series of volcanoes and earthquakes

As we become aware of the many potentials that may occur we must take ownership and responsibility for the free will choices we make now. God is in charge but will not interfere with human Free Will.  Our planet is a “school”.  You are here to learn about love and creativity against a backdrop of ego and greed.  This new age is all about egalitarianism amongst all sentient beings.  The peaceable kingdom is here. Check out the film, “The Walking Lions of India” which depicts lions living peaceably with humans.  There are many you tube videos available now showing animal species carrying for each other, adopting and raising orphaned creatures.

Today we are seeing battles among males fighting to keep their power, their kingdoms. Women are rising to positions of leadership in many countries around the world.  It is important to connect with the compassion of the Golden Rule that is shared by all religions. We can pretend to be separate from God but we are all a part of God.  Dan’s advice to us with the sexual orientation issues is to just say, “I love you”.  Millennials are not concerned with gender differences.  As generations change, we will leave behind our judgements and duality.  As the Jews walked through the wilderness for 40 years, they walked off their slave mentality.  Today we are given the choice to choose egalitarianism and compassion that will give rise to the Peaceable Kingdom on this Earth. When we do that we will indeed have Heaven on Earth.  The choice is yours.

In service,

Rev. Dan Chesbro





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