On a hot July Friday, nearly 50 people gathered in the Fellowship Hall of the Bedford Presbyterian church in Bedford to receive personal messages, feel renewed hope, find peace and have a unique experience of the Divine and the voice of love as shared by spiritual medium, Roland Comtois.  His gentle and often humorous delivery brought ease as difficult emotional memories were evoked with Roland’s messages.  Time and again, Roland shared how those whom we have loved and lost are now at peace, free to walk and enjoy a happiness that perhaps had escaped them while alive.  Often Roland shared the struggles of those in their last days and their regrets.  Roland truly lifted all the hearts in the room with the light of his tender messages.  As always there are many synchronicities that become apparent in the audience as the evening unfolds.  Several families find connection in their similar circumstances.  As Roland reminds us, there are no accidents.  His enduring message through the voices that speak to him either through his famous purple papers that he carries with him hoping to deliver in person or at speaking events remind us that “You are not alone!”.  “Love is Eternal!” 

IMG_1030Everyone who attends a Roland event leaves with the understanding that there is more to life than we can see.  That there is a presence of everlasting love that surrounds each one of us if we are only willing to open our hearts to receive it.  StarVisions will have the honor of hosting Roland again this year on Tuesday, November 29th from 6-8 pm at the Bedford Presbyterian Church.  Online registration recommended.  We hope to see you there to hear more beautiful messages that will uplift your heart and soul with enduring love.

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