Scott Nelson (2)A large crowd from StarVisions and the new spiritual community group, KatonahSPACE, joined in celebration Tuesday, June 22nd to honor the Summer Solstice.    Many StarVisions Council members past and present in addition to Paul Storfer from KatonahSPACE joined to create a special program for the community.  This evening was made possible by the offering of Rev. Melissa Boyer of KatonahSPACE to use their facility, the Fellowship Hall building behind the Katonah Methodist Church on Edgemont Avenue in Katonah.  It was an amazing experience to bring two communities together who have very similar missions for providing spiritual enrichment opportunities for the public.  There was much enthusiasm as people socialized and old friends reunited.  Everyone had a great time singing, drumming and dancing during the evening.  Many lingered afterwards enjoying the potluck food offerings and getting to know each other.  StarVisions is very grateful for the contributions of Scott Nelson and his Native American storytelling and drumming, Rona Levine for her leadership with shamanic journeying and setting intentions, Paul Storfer for leading drumming circles;  Bari Slatas, Maureen Carron and Laurie Evens for singing along with Anne Bentzen on the Native American rattle songs, Peter Ferrio for his skillful crystal bowl playing and background drumming for Rona Levine and Maureen Carron’s Solstice art community project.  It was truly a most memorable evening for all.   StarVisions looks forward to offering more free community wide celebrations and programs with katonahSPACE in the future.

Drum Circle 3

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