6:00 pm — 8:00 pm
Bedford Presbyterian Church
44 Village Green

Bedford, NY 10506 United States
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Roland Comtois:  Validating the Afterlife

  Monday, December 4th  6-8 pm


“Life is all about eternal connections… from the relationships we share every day to the love that transcends time through eternal memories that have the power to change lives. Each of us has the ability to tap into those heart-to-soul connections for messages of hope and love whenever we need them. You only need to look inside… and remember. ” –  Roland Comtois

Connect with the Spirit Realm! Roland Comtois is a nationally acclaimed inspirational speaker, spiritual medium, author and radio host. He is the author of two books, “And Then There Was Heaven” and “16 Minutes” and the founder of Talk Stream Spiritual Radio and the After Loss Expo, now in its 9th year.  Roland has been professional healer and spiritual medium with over 40 years experience whose expertise extends from the physical to the spiritual.   Gifted with an extraordinary capacity to bridge worlds and go beyond normal human boundaries since childhood, Roland captivates audiences with his uncanny ability to connect with the spiritual realm, sharing personalized messages that have the power to heal the soul.  His mission is to help people find comfort in life in spite of loss, to show them how to move beyond grief with love and hope and to pass on the message that heaven and eternal love are REAL and always close at hand. There is a tremendous outpouring from the world of the unseen… Right now!

Come join this special evening to lift your spirit, sustain your hope, and get excited again about your life. To enhance the personal messages, bring photos and/or mementos that might be significant to mark the relationship with the person from whom we seek to get messages. And/or bring an object that might represent a goal or question you have. Roland’s messages include his Signature Purple Papers, handwritten messages that come to him throughout the day and night, which Roland carries with him to every presentation in hopes of personally delivering them to the person(s) they were meant for.  The evening will be magical and healing, enriched with messages for many in the audience as only Roland can deliver.

 Admission: $80.00                      

 Location:   Bedford Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall, 44 Village Green, Bedford, NY 10506  Handicapped accessible. Parking available behind white American Gothic style church.  Guests must be age 18 and over.  

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