7:00 pm — 9:00 pm
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
236 So. Bedford Rd., Rt. 172

Mt Kisco, NY 10549 United States
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Mon., Dec. 11th  7 -9 pm

Want to know more about what energetic changes are on the horizon for 2018??  Spend the evening with the Angelic Realm in preparation for the Holidays and the New Year.  Carol will channel for us a glimpse of the changes coming next year as we enter year 6 of the New Earth and the crystalline transformation and activation of the 144 Crystalline Grid.
We will meditate, learn about the 2018 energies through channeling and receive downloads through Light Language to anchor the energies now approaching the physical plane to expand our Awakening.
Note: If you would like to lie down for these transmissions;  please bring a yoga mat, blankets, pillow, etc. There will be chairs available for those who cannot lie on the floor or prefer to sit. “  
Cost:  $35
Location:  Unitarian Universalist Fwellowship
                            236 So. Bedford Rd., Rt. 172
                             Mt. Kisco, NY 10549

Large parking lot behind bldg.  Handicapped accessible.

To find out more about Carol, please feel free to visit her website at : http://www.magentaway.com  Carol is a professional channel and spiritual counselor for 20 years.  She is an ordained interfaith minister of the Order of Melchizedek through the Sanctuary of the Beloved since 1999,  Carol is also a Master of Shamballah Multidimensional Healing since 2000 and a Certified Sound Healer.

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